¡Hola, me llamo Aidan!

I am a Spanish language tutor who is passionate about teaching and learning languages. I have multiple years of experience as a Spanish tutor at Middlebury College as well as first hand experience reaching fluency in Spanish! This summer I am offering private or group Spanish lessons in Burlington, VT for all levels of learners. If you are interested in improving your Spanish conversational skills or are looking to begin your Spanish journey, contact me to set up a session!

About Me

My name is Aidan McMillan and I'm currently a student at Middlebury College in Vermont. This summer of 2023 I am living in Burlington and offering private and group Spanish lessons to any level of learner! During the school year, I work as a Spanish tutor with the college, furthermore I volunteer weekly as a medical interpreter for migrant workers in Addison county.

After various years learning French in school, I found myself frustrated with the way languages were taught in public school. After researching methods to better learn languages, I decided I would learn Spanish on my own. I was suprised that after a few months of this new method of maximum immersion, I could already hold a decent conversation in the language. I soon fell in love with the language and after meeting a language exchange partner from Colombia, picked up the Colombian dialect and idioms. Last year, I studied abroad in Colombia and further deepend my cultural knowledge! Language is like a key that opens you to a whole new world of culture and ideas. I hope that my methods of teaching and learning can be your key to that world!


Level 1: Principiante

This level is for beginers. In these lessons we will go over the basics of pronunciation and build basic grammar by memorizing the most frequently used words. We will work through the basic sentence structure and grammar including simple verb conjugations and gender agreement.

Level 2: Intermedio

This level is for intermediate learners. In these lessons we will work to improve pronunciation and build up a more complex and robust set of vocab through conversation, and learn more specialized terms based on your topics of interest. We will work on more complex grammar including subjunctive, preterite/imperfect and more.

Level 3: Avanzado

This level is for the more advanced learners. These lessons will be very conversation heavy, as conversation is a huge key to reaching fluency. I will explain errors or new concepts as they arise. These lessons are for those who have the fundamentals down and are looking to bring their Spanish to the next level.

All lessons are 1hr long. Each lesson is 25$ plus 10$ for each extra person added if you wish to do a group lesson.